About us

The new road to multi-level smart marketing. Smart and innovative marketing at Happgate is direct sales from the store in an easy, simple and modern way, so that it achieves distinguished consumption at the best competitive prices from the factory directly to the consumer. At the same time, achieving a new and feasible source of income for all those wishing to work remotely and intelligently according to their schedule without any connection in place and time in a way that is developed from the primitive commercial behavior prevailing in the local or global market.

With great care, high-quality, guaranteed, and highly effective products have been chosen that suit all segments and are compatible with the Arab consumer pattern, especially the Jordanian. One of the most important cosmetic or therapeutic Dead Sea products for everything related to skin and hair care, which holds all local and international licenses.

Perfumes fragrant with their attractive scents that complement your elegance and distinguish your presence while you are at your work or in your personal interviews. Natural healthy honey extracted with the highest standards of quality and standards, and has a certificate of excellence from the laboratories of the Jordan University of Science and Technology.

Our Goal

We have not forgotten Sitt al-Bayt with the finest and finest natural and healthy spices that are free of preservatives with a distinctive flavor to add a unique flavor and new flavor to most of the oriental dishes that are desirable in the oriental cuisine, especially Jordan.

Providing the best and finest natural and healthy products at a competitive price, which are characterized by the highest specifications and standards, and have the quality mark in the Jordanian market. And marketing them in a smart way, delivering them directly and quickly to all those interested in these products locally and internationally, and delivering them at the location that specifies the buyer and according to the appropriate time.

Our Vision

Building a long-standing platform integrated with smart marketing services and granting a profitable opportunity to the largest number of those who wish to work in an innovative way and electronic remotely matched with all groups and ages without any traditional commitment prevailing in the local and international labor market.